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Rent a boat with your family or friends and enjoy the landscape of the menorcan coast

Quienes Somos en Addaia Charters - Alquiler de embarcaciones en Menorca

Always sailing

We are a young company since 2018 that have been always sailing privately in the waters of our island.

We have lived hundreds of experiences at sea, enjoyed observing the seabed and feel passion for both idyllic landscapes and for little hidden corners. cliffs, submerged caves and white sand coves all take part of our inspiration to turn it into an unforgettable experience for all those who want to live adventures, spend a few days relaxing and to enjoy our seascape.

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Port of Addaya, our home

We are located in the port of addaya where we have lived since 1990 and its from there that we go sailing towards our dreams, that is, towards the excepcional landscape of our north coast.

Our fleet of 5 boats allows anyone who wants to reach all those coves whether you are an expert navigator or you’ve never driven a boat before.

We want you to have the opportunity to take one of our boats and share with your friends, family or partners a few hours of fun adventure.

Quienes Somos en Addaia Charters - Alquiler de embarcaciones en Puerto Addaya


Alquiler de embarcaciones Addaia Charters Menorca

Boat rental

If you want to get closer to some of the most beautiful virgin coves on the north coast driving a boat in your own will make that adventure come true. rent for half or whole day.

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Routes and Experiences

The best way to know and enjoy your favorite or recommended coves is to choose one of our three routes or experiences, all of them designed so that you never forget the charms of the menorcan coast.

Where to find us?

We are located in the Port of Addaya, between mahon and fornells. ideal starting point to enjoy the excepcional north coast of Menorca.


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Port of Addaya (Menorca Island)

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